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Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport is an airport located in Orlando, Florida. It is a hub for Delta subsidiary Chautauqua Airlines (Delta Connection), and a focus city for US Airways.

Before 1974, it was owned by the United States Air Force and known as McCoy AFB. It gained its current name in 1976, but the old IATA Airport Code, MCO, stuck. In 1978, MCO handled 5 million passengers, and by 2000 that number had soared to 30 million.

Today, MCO covers 23 square miles, and is the third-largest airport in the United States by area (after Denver and DFW). MCO also has North America's tallest control tower.

Orlando International Airport has 5 Airsides.

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1 Airside 1
2 Airside 2
3 Airside 3
4 Airside 4
5 West Airside
6 Airside varies
7 Main Terminal
8 A
9 B
10 West Side
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Airside 1

Airside 2

Airside 3

Airside 4

West Airside

Airside varies

Orlando International Airport has 1 Terminal

Main Terminal

There are 3 Baggage Claim Areas.



West Side

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