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Constance (district)

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Adm. Region:Freiburg
Capital:Constance (Konstanz)
Area:817.95 km²
Inhabitants:269,660 (2002)
pop. density:330 inh./km²
Car identification:KN and BÜS

Constance (german Konstanz) is a district (Kreis) in the south of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Neighboring districts are (from west clockwise) Schwarzwald-Baar, Tuttlingen, Sigmaringen and the Bodenseekreis. To the south it borders the Swiss canton Thurgau and Schaffhausen. The municipality Büsingen is an exclave located inside the Kanton Schaffhausen.

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The district dates back to the Bezirksamt Konstanz, which was created in 1806 when the area became part of Württemberg (since 1810 Baden). After some changes in its outline it was changed into the district in 1936, including part of the dissolved Bezirksamt Engen. 1939 the city Constanze became district-free, but was reintegrated into the district in 1953. 1973 it was merged with the neighboring district Stockach and some municipalities from the districts Sigmaringen and Donaueschingen.


The district is located at the north-western shore of the Lake Constance, in a landscape called Hegau. The world heritage island Reichenau with its old monasteries as well as the flower island Mainau are part of the district. Also located in the district is the Aachtopf near the city Aach, the biggest spring in Germany by water volume. The spring actually contains water from the Danube which moves through Karst caves underneath the European watershed.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms show a fish both in top left as well as the bottom right, representing the fishing industry in the Lake Constance. The cross in the top right is the symbol of the monastery of Constance. The deer antlers in the bottom left were added after the district was merged with the district Stockach. These were taken from the coat of arms of the Counts of Veringen-Nellenbach, and were present in the coat of arms of the district Stockach, as well as the ciyt Stockach.

Towns and municipalities

  1. Aach
  2. Engen
  3. Constance (Konstanz)
  4. Radolfzell (Bodensee)
  5. Singen (Hohentwiel)
  6. Stockach
  7. Tengen
  1. Engen
  2. Gottmadingen
  3. Höri
  4. Constance
  5. Singen
  6. Stockach
  1. Allensbach
  2. Bodman-Ludwigshafen
  3. Büsingen (Hochrhein)
  4. Eigeltingen
  5. Gaienhofen
  6. Gailingen (Hochrhein)
  7. Gottmadingen
  8. Hilzingen
  9. Hohenfels
  10. Moos
  11. Mühlhausen-Ehingen
  12. Mühlingen
  13. Öhningen
  14. Orsingen-Nenzingen
  15. Reichenau
  16. Rielasingen-Worblingen
  17. Steißlingen
  18. Volkertshausen

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