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Alternate uses: Reichenau island, monastery of Reichenau
Reichenau is a village in the municipality of Tamins in the canton of GraubŁnden, Switzerland, where the two Rhine tributaries Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein meet. It is a major traffic junction of the routes from Chur towards the Operalppass and Lukmanierpass and from Chur towards San Bernardino Pass and Julierpass.

The civilisation of the place is traced back till 500 A.D. The name originates from the monastery of Reichenau on Lake Constance which owned properties in this location during the Middle Age. Already in the 14th century the first bridges were built over the Rhine tributaries.

A roadhouse was built 1570 to collect the bridge toll. In the 17th century the first buildings for the sovereignty of Reichenau were built which became the castle of Reichenau. The Rhaetian Railways reached Reichenau 1896.

Reichenau at the confluence of the Rhine tributaries
  • River from the left (east): Vorderrhein
  • River from the bottom (south): Hinterrhein
  • River to the right (west): Rhine