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Büsingen is a German town entirely surrounded by the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen. Owing to its unusual geographical location, it uses public services from both countries, including public transport, post and telephone services, which operate side by side. Politically, Büsingen is part of Germany, forming part of the Bundesland of Baden-Württemberg, but economically, it forms part of the Swiss customs area, as does the Italian enclave of Campione and the independent principality of Liechtenstein, and uses the Swiss Franc as well as the Euro (and before its introduction, the Deutsche Mark).

For example, to send a letter to Büsingen, one can send it using either a Swiss postal code

 Junkerstr. 86 
 CH-8238 Büsingen

or a German one:

  Junkerstr. 86 
  D-78266 Büsingen

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