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Cao Fang

Cao Fang, ch 曹芳, py. co fāng, wg. Ts'ao-Fang (between 231 and 233-274) was an emperor of the Kingdom of Wei. He retained the title King of Qi , ch. 齊王, py. q wng, wg. ch'i wang after desposed by Sima Shi (司马师). He was a grandson of Cao Zhang, who was in turn the second son of Cao Cao and consort Bian.

He was entitled the "Duke" (gong) of Shaoling Prefecture (trad. ch 邵陵縣公, sim. ch 邵陵县公) by Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty.

Personal information

Family name Cao (曹 py. co) in Chinese
Given name Fang (芳 py. ri)
Era name Zhengshi (正始 zhng shĭ) 240-249
Jiaping (嘉平 jīa png) 249-254
Father Cao Kai, King of Rencheng
Wife empress Yan (d. 251)
empress Zhang (desposed 254)
empress Wang
Major concubines
Duration of reign 239 to desposed 254
Temple name
Courtesy name ch.蘭卿, py. ln qīng, wg. lan-ch'ing
posthumous name Li 厲 (pinyin l), literary meaning: "stern"

Preceded by:
Cao Rui
Kingdom of Wei Succeeded by:
Cao Mao