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Emperor Wu of Jin China

zh-cn:晋武帝 zh-tw:晉武帝

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Emperor Wu of Jin China, sim. ch 晋武帝, trad. ch 晉武帝, py. jin4 wu3 di4, wg. Chin Wu-ti (between 234 and 236-May 17,290) was a grandson of Sima Yi and the first emperor of the Jin Dynasty (265-420). Emperor Wu was known for his extravagence and sensuality, espcially after the unification of China after 280; legends boasted of his unimaginable potency over ten thousand concubines.

Personal information

Family name Sima (司馬 py. si1 ma3) in Chinese
Given name Yan (炎 py. yan2)
Era names Taishi (泰始 tai4 shi3) 265-274
Xianning (咸寧 xian2 ning2)275-280
Taikang (太康 tai4 kang1) 280-289
Taixi (太熙 tai4 xi1) January 28,290-May 17,290
Father Sima Zhao
Wife empress Yang and her younger sister, then Empress Dowager Yang,
all daughters of Yang Jun
Major concubines
Children many, including Emperor Hui of Jin China
Emperor Huai of Jin China
Prince of Chu
Prince of Chengdu
Prince of Changsha
Duration of reign 265 to 290
Temple name ch. 世祖, py. shi4 zu3, wg. shih-tsu, literary meaning: "genesis progenitor"
Courtesy name ch. 安世, py. an1 shi4, wg. an-shih
Posthumous name 武 (py. wu3), literary meaning: "martial"

Preceded by:
Jin Dynasty (265-420) Succeeded by:
Emperor Hui