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Cao Rui

Cao Rui, ch 曹叡, py. co ri, wg. Ts'ao-Jui (between 203 and 205-239) was the son of Cao Pi and the second emperor of the Kingdom of Wei. He is also known as the Emperor Ming of Wei, ch. 魏明帝, py. wi mng d, wg. Wei Ming-ti

Personal information

Family name Cao (曹 py. co) in Chinese
Given name Rui (叡 py. ri)
Era name Taihe (太和 ti h) 227-233
Qinglong (青龍 qīng lng) 233-237
Jingchu (景初 jĭng chū) 237-239
Father Cao Pi
Mother consort Yin
Major concubines
Children childless
Duration of reign 227 to 239
Temple name
Courtesy name ch.元仲, py. yun zhng, wg. yan chung
Posthumous name 明 (py. mng, wg. ming) , literary meaning: "brillant"

Preceded by:
Cao Pi
Kingdom of Wei Succeeded by:
Cao Fang