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Cao Mao

Cao Mao, ch 曹髦, py. co mo, wg. Ts'ao-Mao (between 240 and 242-260) was an emperor of the Kingdom of Wei. He was a grandson of Cao Pi and the Gāogixīang Gōng (高貴鄉公; "Duke of the Noble Town", Wade-Giles Kao-kuei-hsiang Kung), He was murdered in an abortive coup d'etat against Sima Zhao (司马昭).

Personal information

Family name Cao (曹 py. co) in Chinese
Given name Mao (髦 py. mo)
Era name Zhengyuan (正元 zhng yan) 254-256
Ganlu (甘露 gān l) 256-260
Father Cao Lin, King of Donghai
Wife empress Bian
Major concubines
Duration of reign 254 to 260
Temple name
Courtesy name ch.彥士, py. yn sh, wg. yen-shih
posthumous name

Preceded by:
Cao Fang
Kingdom of Wei Succeeded by:
Cao Huan