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Uppsala County

Uppsala County, or Uppsala län is a County or län on the eastern coast of Sweden. It borders to the counties of Stockholm, Södermanland, Västmanland, Gävleborg, and to the Baltic Sea.

Uppsala län
Residence cityUppsala
County councilLandstinget i Uppsala
 - Total
 - Percent
Ranked 15th
1.7 %
6,989 km²
 - Total (1999)
 - Percent
 - Density
Ranked 6th
3.3 %

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For History, Geography and Culture see: Uplandia

The province of Uplandia encompasses Uppsala County.


Main article: Uppsala County Administrative Board

The main aim of the County Administrative Board is to fullfil the goals set in national politics by the Parliament and the Government, to coordinate the interests of the county, promote its development, establish regional goals and safeguard the due process of law in the handling of each case. The County Administrative Board is nominally a Government Agency headed by a Governor. See List of Uppsala Governors. The current Governor is Anders Björck.


Main article: Uppsala County Council

The County Council of Uppsala or Landstinget i Uppsala län, which is appointed by the electorate of the county, is primarily responsible for health care and public transportation.


Main article: Municipalities of Uppsala


Main article: Heraldry of Uplandia

The County of Uppsala inherited its coat of arms from the province of Uplandia. When it is shown with a royal crown it represents the County Administrative Board.

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