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Uplandia, or Uppland, is a historical province or landskap on the eastern coast of Sweden. It borders to Sudermannia, Westmannia and Gestricia. It is also bounded by lake Mälaren and the Baltic sea.

Counties Uppsala
Area12,677 km²
Provincial flower
\- Swedish
- Latin
Leper lily
Fritillaria meleagris
Provincial animalWhite-tailed eagle
Provincial fishAspius

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For current affairs see: The Counties of Uppsala, Stockholm or Västmanland

The historical province of Uplandia is divided upon the County of Uppsala, which occupies the heartland, the County of Stockholm, which has claimed about a third of the territory in the south and the County of Västmanland, taking a quarter in the west.


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Chartered cities before 1971:

The Swedish Capital of Stockholm is divided upon two provinces. The southern half lies in Sudermannia and the northern half in Uplandia.


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Uppsala is the seat of the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden.


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Arms granted in 1560. The arms is represented with a dukal crown. Blazon: "Gules, a Royal Orb Or gemmed of the field and Azure with the cross bottoned Argent."

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