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Älvkarleby is a municipality in east central Sweden, in the county of Uppsala. The municipality covers an area of 208.5 km². Of the total population of 8932, 4466 are male, and 4466 are female. The population density of the community is 43 inhabitants per km².

Älvkarleby lies about 165 kilometers (102 miles) north of Sweden's capital, Stockholm. The town lies adjacent to the Gulf of Bothnia. Älvkarleby is also a municipality with a population of 8 970 (2002) and covers an area of 209 square kilometers (129 sq. mi.).

Hometown of the Swedish writer, Stig Dagerman. " class="external">

Until late in the Bronze Age (1000 B.C.E.) parts of what is now Älvkarleby began to rise from beneath the Baltic waters. There are even remains of settlement from the later period of that millennium in this area.

In the Early Iron Age (500-1100 A.C.E.) the population began to grow and people supported themselves on farming, hunting, fishing and livestock.

The first mention of Älvkarleby in documents is from the early Middle Ages (1200-1300).

Some facts taken from: Älvkarleby's online information-center: " class="external">

Note: There are also the Finnish municipalities of Karleby and Nykarleby.

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