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Televicentro is a Puerto Rico-based television station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as WAPA-TV, Channel 4, for NTSC television and WAPA-DT, Channel 27, for digital television.

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WAPA-TV was the second television station to be licensed to Puerto Rico and began broadcasting on May 1, 1954. Popularly known by its channel number, or Canal Cuatro, The station's mascot has always been a cat, which is called el gato in Spanish and the station slogan is, Por el cuatro como el gato, which rhymes in Spanish.

One of five major Puerto Rican television channels, Televicentro's competitors include Telemundo Puerto Rico, Tele Once, Super Siete and Canal 6. WAPA-TV and Telemundo have battled for the title of Puerto Rico's most-viewed station since the 1950s.


WAPA-TV for years showed boxing, BSN basketball, both national and international telenovelas, movies, comedies, sitcoms (both American and domestic), baseball, NFL football, both WWE and Puerto Rican wrestling, human interest shows and its news show, Noticentro 4.

WAPA-TV is owned by LIN Television of San Juan, Inc. which relaunched the station under the "Televicentro" name in 2000. LIN also owns independent WJPX-TV, Channel 24, and radio station WAPA-AM 680, an affiliate of the Hispanic Radio Network.


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