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Tele Once

Tele Once ("once" is eleven in the Spanish language) was a television station in Puerto Rico, on channel 11.

In 1960, Rafael Perez Perry received authorization to start WKBM-TV and transmit over channel 11. At the time he owned one of the most successful radio stations on the island (WKBM-AM). His success in radio didn't extend to television; the station wasn't able to compete with other channels, and the station declared bankruptcy in 1981.

In 1986 Lorimar-Telepictures acquired the station from bankruptcy Court and renamed it WLII-TV. It was subsequently sold to Malrite Communications Group in 1991, and then sold to Raycom Media (with WSTE). It became a great success, with equal or better share and ratings than the competition in several time periods. Tele Once has two repeater stations: WSUR-TV channel 9 in Ponce and WORA-TV channel 5 in Mayaguez; for a while, they used WJNX-TV channel 22 in Mayaguez.

Tele Once's slogan was Vívelo (Live It).

In 2001 Univision Communications Group bought Tele Once, its repeaters and WSTE from Raycom. Tele Once is now called Univision Puerto Rico, and WSTE ("Super Siete") became a Telefutura affiliate.

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