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Telemundo Puerto Rico

Telemundo Puerto Rico is one of Puerto Rico's most popular tv channels.

Telemundo, channel 2 in Puerto Rico's television dial, also known as WKAQ-TV, has been in existence since 1954, year when television began in Puerto Rico. Before the 1990s, Telemundo Puerto Rico was known plainly as Telemundo Canal 2 overthere. But, with Telemundo International's move of naming each of their branches after the countries where they are located at, Telemundo Canal 2 became Telemundo Puerto Rico. During the 1970s and 1980s, Telemundo Canal 2 was a major producer of Puerto Rican Spanish soap operas

During most of the 1980s, according to Mediafax, (a Puerto Rico study that is the Puerto Rican version of the Nielsen ratings), Telemundo Puerto Rico was the most viewed channel in Puerto Rico. One of the most important producers at Telemundo Puerto Rico is Paquito Cordero, who has been since 1954 at the channel, both as actor and producer. Telemundo Puerto Ricos main competitors are Televicentro and WLII-TV ("Univision Puerto Rico", former Tele Once).

One of Telemundo Puerto Rico's main slogans during the 1980s was : Y como el dos no hay dos! (There's no two like channel two).

Some Telemundo Puerto Rico shows