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World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment (or WWE) is a professional wrestling organization. It was formerly called the World Wrestling Federation, or the WWF. The name was changed in the spring of 2002 as it lost a court case with the World Wildlife Fund over the name WWF and the usage of it (for example, The logo was changed and the motto "Get The F Out" was used to publicise this change.

WWE is a publicly-traded company controlled by Vince McMahon and his family.


At one time, wrestling promoters Toots Mondt and Vincent J. McMahon controlled the Northeastern United States wrestling circuit as part of the National Wrestling Alliance. This group recognized an undisputed champion that went from wrestling company to wrestling company in the alliance and defended the belt around the world.

In 1963, Buddy Rogers was the NWA champion and his bookings were controlled by Mondt. The rest of the NWA was upset with Mondt because he rarely let Rogers wrestle outside of the Northeast. It was decided that Mondt and McMahon would leave the NWA, and they founded the World Wide Wrestling Federation. Both wanted Rogers to keep the NWA title, but Rogers didn't want to lose his $25,000 deposit on the belt. Rogers lost the NWA title to Lou Thesz in Toronto on January 24, 1963.

In mid-April, Rogers was then awarded the new WWWF title after the WWWF claimed he won a (fictitious) tournament in Rio de Janeiro. He lost the title to Bruno Sammartino a month later on May 17, 1963 after suffering a heart attack shortly before the match.

The WWWF rejoined the NWA in 1971 and their world title was dropped to the status of a regional title.

The WWWF became the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in mid-1979. The name change was purely cosmetic and the ownership and front office personnel remained.

In 1983, Vincent K. McMahon, having taken control of the WWF from his father, Vincent J. McMahon, left the NWA to escape their shadow.

On October 19, 1999 the WWF became a publicly traded company.

In 2000 the WWF announced the creation of the XFL, a new professional football league, but the league only lasted a year.

In March 2001 WWF, Inc. acquired WCW, WWF's long lasting entertainment rival from Ted Turner.

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