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Super Siete

SuperSiete's was first formed in the late-1950s when it was first called WRIK-TV in Ponce. The station retransmitted Telemundo's WKAQ-TV programming. In 1970 it was bought by the United Artists and moved to San Juan,renamed Rikavision, now producing its own programming without much success. In 1979, it was acquired by Puerto Rican producer Tommy Muņiz and became WLUZ-TV Teleluz. Muņiz was also owner of Radio Luz WLUZ-AM.

Financial troubles forced Muņiz to sell the station to Malrite Communications Group in 1958 where it became WSTE-TV and in 1991 was sold to Jerry Hartman, a Florida entrepreneur. SUPER SIETE is now called EL NUEVO SUPER SIETE and/or TELEISLA, owned by Raycom Media and operated by Univision Television Group.