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Star Channel

Star Channel, launched in the late 20th century is a Greek network broadcasting foreign-programming most of the time with a few Greek programs. Star Channel is similar to the Fox Network, NBC, Fox Box, CBC, and now Kids WB. A(U)BC and NHK represent the international market. Star Channel has Star Eidiseis, hosted by Elli Stai (1996-2001) who now hosts on ANT1, followed by Terence Quick (Hellenized). Star Channel has children's programming. Before 1994 it was known as Superstar. It was similar to Kids WB. They then exchanged it for Alter Channel, its competitor. Astra is Cyprus' version of Star Channel. Some people think it is a division of AOL Time Warner, because Kids WB, and The WB. is broadcasted on this channel. It is also be known as Kids WB and Cartoon Network, still Star Channel though.

The Star Channel logo is similar to the NBC logo. It is a row of 6 like NBC but matched the other way and a little sharper, almost like a shining star. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. STAR is sometimes placed at the bottom of the Star Channel logo. The logo was not shown during Superstar. Their logo was colored with gold. The logo is no longer used after mid-2003, and during family/children hours, it is now "Kids WB" or "Cartoon Network".


A history of Star Channel's programming can be found right here at List of programs broadcasted by Star Channel.


Late 1980s Star Channel was launched to compete with Mega Channel, ANT1, and Alpha TV, similar to ERT Channels. It began broadcasting children's programs along with foreign programs.

1994 Star Channel began to exchange family/children's programs from Alpha, then known as Skai (Greek spelling of Sky) with Star's children's programming.

Late 1990s Star Channel begins to broadcast 24-7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Early 2000s Star Channel began to add commercials with music clips and paperback commercials to replace the old-fashioned, showing just in the single 30-second commercial.

2001 Star Channel began to exchange family/children's programs to Alter Channel (except Pokemon, and Teletubbies and the entire set of commercials full of music clips and paperbacks. ANT1 only had a fraction of family/children's programming left (none during the 2001 season). Star Channel began to broadcast its own cartoon channels to replace the ANT1 schedule, doesn't mean that ANT1 shows were moved to Star Channel and Star Channel programs to ANT1 which means the Weekend morning cartoons is revived again.

Kids WB arrived on Star Channel

2002 Shows that were broadcasted by Nickelodeon, mainly Klasky-Csupo to Alpha TV for its own Saturday programming

Star Channel has the #1 news broadcast in the Greek Language.

Somewhere in the 2000s (future) there is a possibility that there is a satellite broadcast of Star Channel, and may be broadcast to North America-Caribbean's Dish Network, Australia and much of the world along with Alter Channel, Tempo TV, Alpha-TV, Polis TV, and High TV in the open-market format.

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