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Mega Channel

Mega Channel better known as Mega TV is one of the first corporate-owned channels to launch on the Greek airwaves. Mega has been long dedicated to Greek programming, Disney content, and was once the channel for foreign programs. Megalo Kanali is the hellenized form of Mega Channel. TV shows like Anastasia and Emeis kai Emeis were some of the most popular shows on Mega. Meg and Ega dominate the airwaves in almost every commercial made by Mega. The main characters of the station. Some people think Mega Channel is entirely part of the Buena Vista Company, because the only foreign shows are showing are from Disney. It will probably be known as ABC Kids to some audiences even though it will still have the same channel (Mega Channel) name.

The station is located on the side of Mount Hymettus in the Greater Athens town of Paeania. It is broadcast on channel 7 in Athens. Signals can be received all over Greece and Cyprus and Mega Channel is also carried on digital cable systems and satellite systems.

The Mega Channel logo used to considered 10 or 12 lines. with MEGA in the middle and sometomes channel were located at the bottom. The color started from yellow, golden yellow, gold, mandarin, slightly orange at both sides, orange-rose, orange-pink, rose and pink. Today;s Mega channel logo is Text MEGA, ME- are widened to the left and -GA are widened to the right.

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mid to late 1980s Mega Channel went on the air and became one of the most popular channels. The first program was broadcasted.

late-1990s Mega's website ( was launched.

late-1990s Mega became the sole broadcaster of the UEFA soccer matches and draws.

2000-2001 Mega Cosmos (Americas) (channel 602) was launched, along with Mega Cosmos (Australia)

April or May 2001 Mega signs contract with its journalist to keep reporting, during a strike which affected other channels of broadcasting news bulletins on hold, for a couple of days. There have been several general strikes which caused Mega and other channels stopped broadcaasting bulletins and other programming for one day.

September 2002 Mega introduces Meg and Ega to its network.

November 26, 2003 Another journalist strike cripples the Mega News broadcasts.

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