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Alter Channel

Alter Channel/Alter TV which is better known as Alter (pronounced ol't[er], while the Greeks and some other people pronounced from the original Latin al'ter) is the latest main network ever to be launched with Tempo. This channel is similar to the WB network and Kids WB along with the Fox Box in the International market based in America. It was launched around 2000-2001. It features programs from all over the world. Cartoons are also broadcasted when Star Channel switched over its shows to Alter. It broadcasts the Greek versions of Toei's Digimon, England's Bob the Builder, etc. It is the new home of foreign programming which they are subtitled. Some of these shows when they start features a partial music video, which many oppose. It even shows a music video (clip) in front of television programmings which you will find it only in Greece. Preschool music clips are show n during Saturday Mornings while the ABC, anf other channels in the world shows just plain commercials. There are some Greek programming shown here. Alter Eideseis (Alter News Bulletin) is shown at 2PM, 7:30PM and midnight during TV shows. It is one of the stations that has local Alter affiliates (not as much) like Itháki (Ithaca) TV on the island of Ithaca, also affiliates Alpha-TV.

The Alter logo (lasted for just one year) rotates at the 360 as a whirlpool. The logo colors were blue starting from the bottom and red starting at the top. Alter with capital letters was part of the logo shown at the bottom. Today Alter Channel has no logo. Onlt its text appear when Star Channel moved its programming.

Alter may be the sole broadcaster of the Fox Box, and maybe known also as the Fox Box because Star Channel has captured Kids WB along with Cartoon Network programs, ANT1 has nothing or may be reverted to Discovery Kids.

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A list of schedules can be found at Alter Channel television schedule


2001-2002 Alter was launched to make room for a probability of popularity trying to compete with other Greek networks being the top 10 channel. some prefer was also launched.

2001-2002 Star Channel moved some of its programming, except Pokemon, and Teletubbies all of the preschool clips, video clips that are shown during commercials, and longer period when the show ends before another program shows up to Alter.

2002 Alter Eidiseis (Alter News Bulletin) peaks at 250,000, surpassing almost any channel but Star, being the #1 news broadcast.

September 2002 Alter moves the news programming from 6PM Balkan-Nile (GMT+2) (5PM Cen. Europe-Cen. Africa Time/GMT+1) to an hour and twenty minutes later to compete with other channels, and probably replace ANT1 news schedules, Star Channel did the same.)

October 2003 Head of Alter and Tempo were fired.

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