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Elliniki Radiophonio Teleorassi

Elleniki Radiophionio Teleorassi is Greek for Greek (Hellenic) Broadcasting Television. It began broadcasting in 1966 or 1967, being the first Greek language television channel, I proto kanali, ET1. The station is owned and funded by the government of Greece. It began broadcasting Greek shows, sports, foreign shows (mainly from the private sector), and so on. The channel is has broadcasted the Olympic games since 1968 from Mexico City. Broadcast was rare, short and was shown for the least of the time until ET2 and ET3 were created. Today it is broadcasted most of the time during the olympics. ERT is the sponsor of the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, ERT's homeland. It also broadcasts IAAF games while it is shown on privately owned channels mainly in America (USA)Today it broadcasts documentaries, some from the private sector, and a few animated shows. Then came privately owned channels which caused a move of Greek non-documentary programming to other networks. Most foreign shows are broadcasted on Alter and Star Channel (privately owned). It broacasted lottery shows every night at 9 in the Balkans.

Its present logos is around 15 dots lined up to make 60 of them with ET1 at the right, slightly equivalent the original ET1 logo used from 1980s-1992 to the new logo The #1 is smaller than ET. The logo became in effect Fall 2003. NET still retains their 1999 logo with a bolded N colored with blue, The ET3 logo has 3 colored in gold into a blue square. And the ERT Sat logo colors with 3 blue squares almost shaped with the TV, and Sat is handwritten. The ET3 logo's golden color stayed the same, began when ET3 was launched.

Today there are 3 channels from Greece, 2 are in Aghia Paraskevi, its main ERT headquarters. There is a large television facility northeast of Athens at Mesogeiou Avenue. ET3 is in Saloniki to the north.

ERT Sat is only available on Dish Network in North America and the Caribbean.

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Programs can be found at the List of programs broadcasted by ERT


1966 - ERT was launched for broadcasting in the Greek language, it was the only national channel for Greece until the late 20th century.

The first sports and soccer broadcast "World Cup 1966"

1968 - The first Olympic games began to broadcast from Mexico City,

1980s ERT starts using a logo. The letters E, R, and T was dotted.

Late 20th century - ERT began launching Elliniki Teleorassi 2 (ET2), another channel launched and ET3 in Salonika.

Late 1980s: ERT's next logo, blue shaded, with a larger E and 1 and 1 is at the bottom and almost connected with E and 1, E and 2, and E and 3. ET3 logo was different. The #3 became golden.

1993: ET2's logo was simply referred to just being (ET)2. The channel 2 was lined with 3 stripes. ERT removed the logo and replaced the ET beside the 2 again, while the equivalent logo once used by ET2 is presently used in some television stations and on Channel 2 Israel (Channel 2-IL) to this day.

Mid-1990s: The logo was colored with a number on top. Orange for ET1, Red for ET2, and pink on ET3.

Late 1990s and early 2000s' - ERT began launching a satellite channel, ERT Sat began broadcasting programs from Greece to other satellite systems all over Earth.

2000 ET2 changes its name to NET, "Nea Elleniki Teleorassi/Elliniki Teleorassi" The logo was also changed to blue and is in use to this day. ET1 and ET3 are the only channels that are numbered in order, left. ET1 logo is boxed red with 1 in the middle. some prefer was launched.


February: ERT Sat began to locate itself on Dish Network on channel 603.

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