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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Maison de Radio-Canada in Montreal
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, more commonly abbreviated CBC, is Canada's government-owned television network and radio network. In French, it is called la Société Radio-Canada, or SRC.

The CBC was founded in 1932 when the federal government set up the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission, or CRBC. The CRBC took over the radio stations formerly set up by the government-owned Canadian National Railway. In 1936, the CRBC became a full Crown corporation, and gained its present name.

For the next few decades, the CBC was behind all broadcasting innovation in Canada. In July 1958, CBC TV was linked from coast to coast. They introduced FM radio to Canada in 1946, television in 1952, and colour television in 1966. Since the 1970s, the CBC has not dominated broadcasting in Canada like it formerly did, but still plays an important role.

Today, the CBC operates several television and radio networks, in both English and French:

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