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Song Dynasty (420-479)

The Song Dynasty (宋朝, previous spelling Sung) (420-479) was first of the four Southern Dynasties in China, followed by the Qi Dynasty. It was found by the Liu family.

Note that the -ong in pinyin sounds like "own", it is a common misprunciation when this Chinese word is read as English the same way as the musical song.

Sovereigns of Song Dynasty (420-479)
Posthumous Name Family name and given namess Period of Reigns Era namess and their according range of years
Chinese convention: Song + posthumous name +"di". "Song Wudi was also referred to as Liu Yu.
Wu, ch. 武, py. wu3 Liu Yu, ch. 劉裕 py. liú yù 420-422 Yongchu (永初 yong3 chu1) 420-422
Shao, ch. 少, py. shao4 Liu Yifu|劉義符 liú yi4 fu2 423-424 Jingping (景平 jing3 ping2) 423-424
Shao, ch. 文, py. wen2 Liu Yilong|劉義隆 liú yi4 long2 424-453 Yuanjia (元嘉 yaun2 jia1) 424-453
Xiaowu, ch.孝武, py. xiao1 wu3 Liu Jun|劉駿 liú jun4 454-464 Xiaojian (元嘉 xiao1 jian4) 454-456
   Daming   (大明 da4 ming2)   457-464
(Qian) Fei, ch. (前)廢, py. qian2 fei4 Liu Ziye|劉子業 liú zi5 ye4 465 Yongguang (永光 yong3 guang1) 465
   Jinghe    (景和 jing3 he2)    465
Ming, ch. 明, py. ming2 Liu Yu|劉彧 liú yu4 465-472 Taishi (泰始 tai4 shi3) 465-471
   Taiyu  (泰豫 tai4 yu4) 472
{Hou} Fei, ch. (後)廢, py. (hou4) fei4 or Cangwu Wang ch. 蒼梧王, py. cang1 wu2 wang2 Liu Yu|劉昱 liú yu4 473-477 Yuanhui (元徽 yuan2 hui1) 473-477
Shun, ch. 順, py. shun4 Liu Zhun|劉準 liú zhun3 477-479 Shengming (昇明 sheng1 ming2) 477-479

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