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Rutger von Ascheberg

Count Rutger von Ascheberg (1621-1693) was a soldier and civil servant in Swedish service, being appointed Lieutenant General in 1670, General in 1674, Field Marshal in 1678, Governor General of Terra Scania, which included the provinces of Scania, Hallandia and Blechingia, in 1680, and Royal Councilor in 1681.

In the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) he commanded troops at the Battle of Nördlingen in 1634 and Battle of Jankau in 1645. In the Northern Wars of King Charles X of Sweden he was a commander in the Battle of Konitz in 1656 and the March across the Great Belt in 1658. In the Scanian War he distinguished himself at the Battle of Lund in 1676 and the Battle of Landskrona in 1677.

A long steet is named in his honor in the city of Gothenburg, where he also lies buried in the German Church.

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