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Scania, or Skåne, is the southernmost historical province or landskap in Sweden. It borders to Hallandia, Smalandia and Blechingia. To the east, west and south it also borders to the Baltic Sea and the Öresund strait, also known as the Sound.

LandTerra Scania (Götaland)
CountySkåne County
Area10,939 km²
Provincial flower
- Swedish
- Latin
Oxeye daisy
Leucanthemum vulgare
Provincial animalRed deer
Provincial birdRed kite
Provincial fishEel

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For current affairs see: Skåne County

Skåne County has virtually the same boundaries as the province of Scania.


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Chartered towns before 1971:

Historically the province of Scania was a part of Terra Scania, which together with Jutland and "the islands" constituted Denmark. Following the Treaty of Roskilde Terra Scania became a possession of the Swedish Crown, retaining its old laws and Lantdag , but was soon to be split. Bornholm was returned to Denmark, and the other provinces were successively incorporated into Sweden. Skåne was in 1719 the last to become a province of Sweden.


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Culture of Scania


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Skåne was granted its arms at the funeral of Charles X Gustav of Sweden in 1660, based on the arms of the City of Malmö. The arms is represented with a dukal coronet. Blazon: "Or, a Griffin's head erased Gules, crowned Azure and armed Azure, when it should be armed".

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