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A race is a competition of speed. The competitors in a race try to complete a given task in the shortest amount of time. Typically, this involves traversing some distance most quickly, but can be just about any other task.

A race to cover a certain distance may be almost any length, and using any means stipulated by the rules of the race. Running a certain distance is the template of racing, but races are often conducted in vehicles, such as boats and carss, or on/with animals, such as horses.

Early records of races are evident on ancient Greek pottery, where running men are depicted vying for first place. A chariot race is described in Homer's Iliad.

A race and its name are often associated with the place of origin, the means of transport and the distance of the race. As a couple of examples, see the Paris-Dakar rally or the Athens marathon.

Types of racing

Here is a list of some common and not so common forms of racing.

Using only the human body's own muscles:

With bicycles, known as Cycling: With skis on snow: With animals (alone or with human riders on animal's back or in carriage): Using machines powered by motors, on land: Using boats on water: and in virtual reality or in a videogame See also: Sport, Gambling, Totalisator, Pacemaker, Nuclear arms race, Space Race, Race Game, Surf lifesaving