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Race Game

Race Game is a pencil and paper game.

The game

On a sheet of paper (e.g. A4 size) draw the outline of a circle. It doesn't, indeed shouldn't be perfectly circular (oval is fine- any unevenness is good). Now draw another one inside that but more or less parallel with about 1 cm gap between the two. This way you have a roughly circular track. Now anywhere draw a line across the two lines. This is your starting marker. You play by putting the point of your pen on the starting marker and push the pen (without holding it) by your palm. It should draw a short line before the pen slips. Where this line stops is your next starting point. Any number of players (you need different colour pens if there are a lot) can play and the winner is the first to complete a lap. If you go outside the path, you next start where your pen left the track.