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Team Racing

Team Racing is an increasingly popular form of Yacht Racing. As opposed to the 'every man for himself' format of usual races there are two teams, usually consisting of 2,3 or 4 boats. The winner of a race is obtained by adding together the places of all the boats in each team. The team with the least points win.

This makes Team Racing a very tactical branch of sailboat racing - i.e. consider the following situation for 3-boat teams (the most common format): If one boat is in 1st place yet his team mates are in 5th & 6th then his team's entire points, upon finishing will be 1+5+6 = 12points, however the opposition will have 2+3+4 = 10points. Therefore to win the race, the boat in 1st will have to try and maneuver his vessel in such a way as to hinder the other teams progress enough to let his team mates overtake them. He can do this by using the Racing Rules of Sailing to his advantage - ie positioning himself in such a way that the opposition has to get out of his way, or they are the keep clear boat.


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