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Pocketbike Racing

Pocketbike racing is a category of racing where miniature racing motorcycles (known as pocketbikes or minimoto) are raced around kart tracks.

A typical minimoto is approximately one-third the size of a regular motorcycle, and is powered by an engine of between 40-50 cc's producing somewhere between 4 and 10 kilowatts. The machines have no suspension, relying on the tyres for compliance, and weight approximately 20 kilograms. Despite their tiny size, both adults and children can and do race them at speeds of up to 140 kilometres per hour.

The convenience and low cost of the racing (they are available for around 1500 USD, and fit in a car's boot) make them a cheap way for children, some as young as six, to learn about motorcycle racing, and for adults to live out their fantasies of racing stardom without sending them broke.

Notable racers who learned their craft on minimoto include Valentino Rossi.