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Patti Page

Patti Page (born Clara Ann Fowler, November 8, 1927) was one of the best-known female singers in traditional pop music. She is unusual in that she came to traditional pop from country music, and some of her recordings are somewhat country flavored. She is sometimes considered the first major crossover artist to popularize country music to the general public. Her records span the era from 1949 to 1981.

Records vary as to whether Clara Ann Fowler was born in Claremore or Muskogee, Oklahoma. In either case, she became a featured singer on a 15-minute radio program on radio station KTUL, Tulsa, Oklahoma, at age 18. The program was sponsored by Page Milk Company and so Clara Ann Fowler became Patti Page.

In 1946, Jack Rael, a band manager, came to Tulsa to do a one-nighter. He turned on the radio, and heard the musical program with the 18-year-old featured vocalist. He liked what he heard, and asked her to join the Jimmy Joy band, which Rael managed. Eventually both left the band; and Rael became Patti's personal manager and leader of the backup orchestra for many of her recordings.

Although both Mary Ford and Jane Turzy became known for it, Patti Page was the first singer to record multiple tracks on the same song, on her recording of "Confess" in 1947. On some of the records, she was billed as "Vocal by Patti Page, Patti Page, and Patti Page," in at least case being given quadruple billing.

Among the songs she is known for recording:

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