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Oelandia, or Öland, is a historical Province or landskap, of Sweden. It is located in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Smalandia it consists of the island of Öland, which is the largest island belonging to Sweden, after Gotland.

Area1,342 km²
- At widest point
137 km
16 km
Population (1999)25,000
Provincial flower
- in Swedish
- in Latin
Rock rose
Provincial beastThrush nightingale

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For current affairs see: Kalmar County

There was an Öland County between 1819 and 1824, otherwise the island has belonged to Kalmar County since 1634. The island was connected to the mainland by a bridge that was constructed in 1973.


Main article: History of Öland

Borgholm (1816), was the only chartered city of Öland.

The island has a history of being a royal game park.


Main article: Geography of Öland

Öland is the second largest island in Sweden, and at the samme time its smallest province. The main towns are Borgholm, Färjestaden and Mörbylånga.


Main article: Culture of Öland

The Borgholm Castle built 1669-1681 for Queen Hedvig Eleonora, and designed by Nicodemus Tessin, senior. Located in the vincinity is also Solliden Palace, summer home to the royal family.

The Agricultural Landscape of southern Öland has been entered as a site of the UNESCO World heritage program. Features of this are the many windmills left standing and the special geological landscape called Alvar.


Main article: Heraldry of Oelandia

Oelandia was granted its arms already in 1560, but it would last until the 1940s until the proper arms were assigned to the province. The arms granted to Öland had been mixed up with the arms granted to Åland and this was not discovered until the 20th century, by which time the misstake was unilaterally corrected for Öland. Åland, which was no longer a Swedish, but a Finnish (autonomous) province, kept its established but originally unintended coat of arms. The deer is ment to symbolise the status of Oleandia as a royal game park and the arms is represented with a dukal crown. Blazon: "Azure a Deer Or attired, hoofed and gorged Gules."

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