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Lower Silesian Voivodship

The Lower Silesian Voivodship (in Polish województwo dolnośląskie) is an administrative region or voivodship in south-western Poland. Polish regions are officially referred to by an adjective. The noun is Dolny Śląsk, which is Polish for "Lower Silesia".

It was created on 1 January 1999 out of the former Wroclaw, Legnica, Walbrzych and Jelenia Gora voivodships as a result of Local Government Reogranization Act of 1998. The voivodship's name recalls the region's traditional name of Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk).

Population: 2.987 million

Area: 19,946 km².

The capital and biggest city : Wroclaw

Major cities and towns: (population in 1995):

Other cities: Chojnow, Zlotoryja

Administrative division

County nameCounty site Number of communesCounty area
(in sq. km)
Jelenia Gora City CountyJelenia Gora
Legnica City CountyLegnica 1
Walbrzych City CountyWalbrzych 1
Wroclaw City CountyWroclaw 1
Boleslawiec CountyBoleslawiec
Dzierzoniow CountyDzierzoniow
Glogow CountyGlogow
Gora CountyGora
Jawor CountyJawor
Jelenia Gora CountyJelenia Gora
Kamienna Gora CountyKamienna Gora
Klodzko CountyKlodzko
Legnica CountyLegnica
Luban CountyLuban
Lubin CountyLubin
Lwowek Slaski CountyLwowek Slaski
Milicz CountyMilicz
Olesnica CountyOlesnica
Olawa CountyOlawa
Polkowice CountyPolkowice
Strzelin CountyStrzelin
Sroda Slaska CountySroda Slaska
Swidnica CountySwidnica
Trzebnica CountyTrzebnica
Walbrzych CountyWalbrzych
Wolow CountyWolow
Wroclaw CountyWroclaw 91116.292,900
Zabkowice Slaskie CountyZabkowice Slaskie 7801.873,600
Zgorzelec CountyZgorzelec 7838.1101,300
Zlotoryja CountyZlotoryja 6575.547,800

History: Silesia (Prussian Province) from 1870 to 1945. See also: Silesia (historical region it forms part of)

Tourism: Most tourists visit the famous ski resorts in Karkonosze mountains with its centres Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz. The cities of Wroclaw, Jelenia Gora and Legnica also are famous for visitors.

See also: Silesia, Opole Voivodship, Silesian Voivodship

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