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Lubusz Voivodship

The Lubusz Voivodship (in Polish województwo lubuskie) is an administrative and local government region or voivodship in the western part of Poland. It was created on 1 January 1999 out of the former Zielona Gora and Gorzow Wielkopolski voivodships as a result of the Local Government Reorganization Act of 1998. The voivodship's name recalls the region's traditional name of Lubusz Land (also Lebus Land or Lubus Land), a medieval Polish province.

It borders with the West Pomeranian (Zachodniopomorskie), Greater Poland (Wielkopolskie) and Lower Silesian (Dolnoslaskie) voivodships.

This is a swampy area of unspoilt nature, lakes and woodlands. Around Zielona Góra in the southern part of the region there is wine growing. It is a small region in area and in population among the country's sixteen voivodships. Its principal cities are Zielona Góra, Slubice, Kostrzyn and Gorzów Wielkopolski.

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1 Major cities and towns
2 Administrative division
3 History

Major cities and towns

(population in 2003):

Administrative division

The two capitals of this administrative region are: Zielona Gora and Gorzow Wielkopolski.
Area : 13,985 km²
Population : 1,019,000.

County nameCounty siteNumber of communesCounty area
(in sq. km)
Gorzow Wielkopolski City County Gorzow Wielkopolski 177.2125,700
Gorzow Wielkopolski CountyGorzow Wielkopolski 71217.462,300
Krosno Odrzanskie CountyKrosno Odrzanskie 71389.960,200
Miedzyrzecz CountyMiedzyrzecz 61387.861,000
Nowa Sol CountyNowa Sol 111395.4127,400
Slubice CountySlubice 5999.847,200
Strzelce-Drezdenko CountyStrzelce Krajenskie 51248.351,400
Sulecin CountySulecin 51177.435,800
Swiebodzin CountySwiebodzin 6937.557,600
Wschowa CountyWschowa
Zielona Gora City CountyZielona Gora 158.3117,900
Zielona Gora CountyZielona Gora 101570.685,700
Zagan CountyZagan 91131.385,700
Zary CountyZary 101393.5102,400
Lubusz Voivodship Total 8313,984.41,020,300


Lubus was part of Poland since around 950. Historically, the province was located on both banks along the Odra river. The province Lubus was the first province to be torn apart from Poland in the process of Drang nach Osten in 1242. As the result of the Potsdam conference the region was restored to Poland, without its westernmost part across the Odra river, so the historical capital of the region - Lubusz (German name: Lebus) - is located outside the Polish borders.

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