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List of fictional species

Table of contents
1 Alien Species (science fiction)
2 Fantasy Species (fantasy fiction)
3 Legendary / Mythological Species
4 National Fictional Species (folktales, talltales)
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Alien Species (science fiction)

Fantasy Species (fantasy fiction)

Legendary / Mythological Species

These are
legendary creatures that historically humans have thought were real.

Individual Creatures

National Fictional Species (folktales, talltales)

Many nations around the world have mythical animals which are widely believed not to exist and for which there is little or no scientific evidence, but which are nevertheless well known and, in a sense, popular. Some animals on this list are treated more properly by
cryptozoology, where there has been a belief that they are real. Note that the creatures listed below are unofficial fictional national animals and that the tales told about them differ a great deal. It is often not possible to deliver a definitive description as the stories vary from time to time and place to place.

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