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Drop Bear

A Drop Bear is a fictional Australian marsupial supposedly related to the Koala.

In one telling, this is a much like the Koala but perhaps three times larger. It has distinctive large gripping talons and forearms and is very sensitive to sound. Drop Bears are named for their propensity to become disoriented and fall on parties of noisy unsuspecting tourists. The injuries caused as Drop Bears frantically attempt to secure a hold on the torsos of their victims are quite horrific and their images have been suppressed by the Australian Government. Tourists are advised to wear crash-helmets when in the vicinty of eucalypts. They are known to be particularly aggravated by the tones and cadence of the North American accent. Other tellings vary a great deal, but the essentials of a large, heavy animal that falls out of gum trees remain.

Other stories tell of Drop Bears hunting in packs and fighting over the remains of the victim.

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