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In Norse mythology, Sleipnir is Odin's magical eight-legged steed, and the first of all horses. His name means smooth or gliding, hence the English word, slippery. Loki, in the guise of a mare, gave birth to Sleipnir by Svadilfari.

It has been suggested that Sleipnir having eight legs is symbolic of the four men who carry a coffin, i.e. a steed to carry the rider into the underworld. It might also be a reference to a real horse with three toes, a genetic manifestation that occasionally happens on the front or rear legs of a horse, usually without harm to the animal. Though rare, it has been seen, and this might have worked its way into the myth.

A stainless steel statue of Sleipnir is a prominent feature in the Midlands town of Wednesbury (which means Odin's fort).

Alternative: Sleipner