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Cao Huan

Cao Huan, ch 曹奐, py. co han, wg. Ts'ao-Huan (between 245 and 247-303) was a grandson of Cao Pi and last emperor of the Kingdom of Wei. He is also known as the Emperor Yuan of Wei, ch. 魏元帝, py. wi yan d, wg. Wei Yan-ti.

He abdicated in favor of Sima Yan, then Emperor Wu of Jin Dynasty, in 265 and was entitled Chenliu wang ("King of Chenliu").

Personal information

Family name Cao (曹 py. co) in Chinese
Given name Huan (奐 py. han)
Era name Jingyuan (景元 jĭng yan) 260-264
Xianxi (咸熙 xan xī) 264-265
Father Cao Yu, Yan wang ("King of Yan")
Major concubines
Duration of reign 260 to 265
Temple name
Courtesy name ch.景明, py. jĭng mng, wg. jing-ming, literary meaning: "admirable and brillant"
Posthumous name 元 (py. yan), literary meaning: "original"

Preceded by:
Cao Mao
Kingdom of Wei Succeeded by: