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Beaches of Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a long coastline which is full of twists and turns with many bays and beaches. Many of them are well sheltered by mountains nearby, as Hong Kong is a place where there is much more mountain area than plain land. As a result, huge waves seldom appear at the bays, which makes them suitable for swimming.

However, along with the development of Hong Kong, the quality of water near some of the bays becomes poorer and poorer, causing them to be closed; for example, Approach Beach, Ting Kau Beach, Anglers' Beach, Gemini Beaches, Hoi Mei Wan Beach, Casam Beach and Lido Beach in Tsuen Wan.

Presently, there are in total forty beaches in Hong Kong being managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. 11 of them are located on the Hong Kong Island and the southern part of Kowloon Peninsula and 29 of them are located in the New Territories, including the outlying islands.

Location of Beaches in Hong Kong

  1. Butterfly Beach ( 蝴蝶灣泳灘 )
  2. Castle Peak Beach ( 青山灣泳灘 )
  3. Kadoorie Beach ( 加多利灣泳灘 )
  4. Cafeteria Old Beach ( 舊咖啡灣泳灘 )
  5. Cafeteria New Beach ( 新咖啡灣泳灘 )
  6. Golden Beach ( 黃金泳灘 )
  7. Anglers' Beach ( 釣魚灣泳灘 )
  8. Gemini Beaches ( 雙仙灣泳灘 )
  9. Hoi Mei Wan Beach ( 海美灣泳灘 )
  10. Casam Beach ( 更生灣泳灘 )
  11. Lido Beach ( 麗都灣泳灘 )
  12. Ting Kau Beach ( 汀九灣泳灘 )
  13. Approach Beach ( 近水灣泳灘 )
  14. Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach ( 馬灣東灣泳灘 )
  15. Kiu Tsui Beach ( 橋咀泳灘 )
  16. Hap Mun Bay Beach ( 廈門灣泳灘 )
  17. Trio Beach ( 三星灣泳灘 )
  18. Silverstrand Beach ( 銀線灣泳灘 )
  19. Clear Water Bay First Beach ( 清水灣第一灣泳灘 )
  20. Clear Water Bay Second Beach ( 清水灣第二灣泳灘 )
  21. Big Wave Bay Beach ( 大浪灣泳灘 )
  22. Shek O Beach ( 石澳泳灘 )
  23. Turtle Cove Beach ( 龜背灣泳灘 )
  24. Hairpin Beach ( 夏萍灣泳灘 )
  25. Stanley Main Beach ( 赤柱正灘泳灘 )
  26. St. Stephen's Beach ( 聖士提反灣泳灘 )
  27. Chung Hom Kok Beach ( 舂坎角泳灘 )
  28. South Bay Beach ( 南灣泳灘 )
  29. Middle Bay Beach ( 中灣泳灘 )
  30. Repulse Bay Beach ( 淺水灣泳灘 )
  31. Deep Water Bay Beach ( 深水灣泳灘 )
  32. Hung Sing Yeh Beach ( 洪聖爺灣泳灘 )
  33. Lo So Sing Beach ( 蘆鬚城泳灘 )
  34. Cheung Chau Tung Wan Beach ( 長洲東灣泳灘 )
  35. Kwun Yam Beach ( 觀音灣泳灘 )
  36. Silvermine Bay Beach ( 銀礦灣泳灘 )
  37. Pui O Beach ( 貝澳泳灘 )
  38. Upper Cheung Sha Beach ( 上長沙泳灘 )
  39. Lower Cheung Sha Beach ( 下長沙泳灘 )
  40. Tong Fuk Beach ( 塘福泳灘 )

6. Golden Beach ( 黃 金 泳 灘 ) - New Territories

Golden Beach is located at 18.5 milestone of Castle Peak Road in Tuen Mun. It is the largest beach in Tuen Mun with total area 7.85 hectares and length 545 meters. Also it is the first artificial beach in Hong Kong. The water quality of Golden Beach is fair as it is classified as a Grade 2 beach. The Beach is beautiful with its golden sands. So it is a good place for lovers to stroll along the sea-shore.

Near the Beach, there are refreshment kiosks, hotel and shopping mall where souvenir, articles for daily use and snack are available for people to buy. People can buy almost what they need from there; so it is quite convenient.

Golden Beach is characteristic by its unique facility among the beaches in Hong Kong, i.e. the volleyball court on the beach. If people are interested in beach volleyball, they can get there with their teammates or friends. If they are lucky, they may have a chance to meet the Hong Kong Beach Volleyball Team, which will have practice over there frequently.

To go to Golden Beach, people can travel Bus no. 52M from Kwai Fong and no. 53 from Tsuen Wan.

19. and 20. Clearwater Bay Beaches ( 清 水 灣 泳 灘 ) - New Territories

There are two beaches Clearwater Bay First Beach and Second Beach located at the Clearwater Bay Peninsula. The First Beach is classified as grade 1 beach while the Second Beach is classified as grade 2 beach.

The scenery there is very beautiful. Also life-guard and shark nets facilities are provided for the swimmers' safety. Car parking facilities, refreshment kiosks and barbecue pits can also be found. That is why many people enjoy their family day there.

To go to Clearwater Bay, Bus no. 91 can be taken in Diamond Hill MTR station.

Shek O Beach, Hong Kong

22. Shek O Beach ( 石 澳 泳 灘 ) - Hong Kong Island

Shek O Beach is on the south-eastern part of the Hong Kong Island. Being a Grade 2 beach, the water quality of Shek O Beach is fair. The sands on the beach are very small too. Also, there are many restaurants and a barbecue area near the beach. So many people go to there for swimming or barbecue on holidays. On the other hand, the crags in the beach provide an excellent place for sports climbing.

It is quite inconvenient for people to go to Shek O Beach because only buses no. 9 from Shau Kei Wan and no. 309 from Central can reach the place; but bus no. 309 is only available on Sunday. However, there are quite lot car parks near the beach; so it is still convenient for people to travel to it by private cars.

Due to the isolated situation of Shek O, the environment near the Shek O Beach remains rustic. This becomes the attractive point of Shek O.

23. Turtle Cove Beach ( 龜 背 灣 泳 灘 ) - Hong Kong Island

The beach situated at east of Stanley and west of Tai Tam Reservoir is Turtle Cove Beach which is a Grade 1 beach. Being less than 70 meters long, it can easily be considered as a baby beach. Because there are no signposts, people do not know that you are already there until you get there. It is pretty quiet since it is only frequented by those in the know. Turtle Cove is very well "equipped"; with changing rooms, toilets and showers as well as a small playground, a soft drinks kiosk and a couple of barbecue pits.

To get there, people can take bus No.14 from exit A of the Sai Wan Ho MTR station. Once having gone past the Tai Tam Reservoir, they should keep an eye open for a building called Red Hill on their left. Then they should get off at that stop, and walk on till stairs leading people down the hill can be seen. People can reach the Beach by following those.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

30. Repulse Bay Beach ( 淺 水 灣 泳 灘 ) - Hong Kong Island

Repulse Bay is a well-known beautiful bay with its long line of coast and smooth sands. It is a Grade 1 beach. This means that the water quality of the Beach is good. Also there are seldom huge waves chasing on to the beach. As a result, Repulse Bay is an ideal place for swimming.

In 1841 the bay was used as a base by pirates and caused serious concern to foreign merchant ships trading with China. The pirates were subsequently repulsed by the British Fleet and hence the name.

Near the Bay, there are fast food shops and restaurants for people to have their meals. Also, it is a good place for family or friends gathering because of its barbecue sites. There is also a supermarket for people to buy what they want. People need not worry about being hungry after playing for a long time on the Bay and they need not bring too many things when travelling to the Bay.

Besides swimming, the large statues of two goddesses, Kwun Yum and Tin Hau, are worthwhile seeing.

It is very convenient for people to travel to Repulse Bay as many vehicles can reach the Bay such as bus no. 6, 6A, 6X, 260 from Central. It is also easy for private vehicles to get parking places there.

With the above merits of Repulse Bay, many tourists and local people are attracted to it.

31. Deep Water Bay Beach ( 深 水 灣 ) – Hong Kong Island

Deep Water Bay Beach is a popular beach on Hong Kong Island. It is quite near Repulse Bay Beach. Therefore, there is a pathway connecting the two beaches, Marechiato Seaview Promenade. People can have a walk along the pathway from one beach to another beach, watching the beautiful view nearby. As Deep Water Bay Beach is a Grade 2 beach, the water quality of the Beach is fair.

There are refreshment kiosk and barbecue area near Deep Water Bay Beach for people to have their meals or barbecue. Moreover, the Beach is next to a golf course. So apart from swimming, people can also go there to play golf.

It is quite convenient for people to go to Deep Water Bay Beach. They can go there by Bus no. 6A, 6X and 260 from Central. Also they can travel to there by private cars, as there are car parks near the Beach.

32. Hung Shing Yeh Beach ( 洪 聖 爺 灣 泳 灘 ) - Lamma Island

Hung Shing Yeh Beach is one of famous beaches on Lamma Island. The sand on the beach is very fine like powder. The water of the Beach is clean and it is classified as a Grade 1 beach.

Near the Beach, there is a barbecue area and refreshment kiosk.

However, it is inconvenient for people to go there because no public transport reaches the place. People need to travel to Yung Shue Wan or Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island from Central by ferry. Then they need to walk for a period of time to reach the Beach.

34. and 35. Cheung Chau Tung Wan Beach ( 長洲東灣泳灘 ) and Kwun Yam Beach ( 觀音灣 ) – Cheung Chau

There are two main beaches on Cheung Chau, Cheung Chau Tung Wan Beach and Kwun Yam Beach. They are not as big as those well-known beaches along the Hong Kong Island Coast. But, they do have their own characters. Kwun Yam Beach is a beautiful fine white beach situated at the east coast of Cheung Chau. The water quality is good and it is classified as a Grade 1 beach. It provides a series of water sports facilities. Many lovers like to take leisure walks there and to enjoy the village scene which still keeps the old traditions. Also, it is the place at where Hong Kong first Olympic medalist, Lee Lai-Shan, practiced when she was young. A formal monument to her achievement is erected in the children's playground on Tung Wan Beach while an unofficial monument is to be found beside the "winder surfer" cafe owned by her uncle which is situated between the two beaches.

36. Silvermine Beach ( 銀 礦 灣 泳 灘 ) - Lantau Island

Hong Kong's largest island, Lantau, has several beaches which are clean, uncrowded and relatively convenient to get there. For all of them, the first step is to simply take the ferry from Central to Mui Wo. Then, if necessary, people can just hop on a bus.

Silvermine Beach which is a Grade 1 beach is the easiest one to get to since it is located about a 5 minute walk away from the Mui Wo ferry pier. Since there is a sandbar area, this beach is ideal for flinging frisbees or flying kites. Further along the beach is a swimming area with several lifeguards on duty. Many Lantau natives rent a bike for the afternoon, and stop off at the many refreshment kiosks and little restaurants along the road fronting the beach. If people do not feel like hurrying back into the city, they can also choose to stay overnight at the Silvermine Beach Hotel, located right on the waterfront. Also, there are several other hotels and guesthouses around there for people to stay.

38. and 39. Cheung Sha Beaches ( 長沙泳灘 ) - Lantau Island

Cheung Sha Beach on the southern shore of Lantau Ismand, is divided into two parts: Upper Cheung Sha Beach and Lower Cheung Sha Beach. It is 3km long and is the longest beach in Hong Kong.

Grading System of beaches

Beaches in Hong Kong are classified into four grades ( Grades 1 – 4 ) according to the level of E. coli in the water of the beaches. This is done by Environmental Protection Department. Every week, water sample of each beach is collected for analysis to find out its bacterial level.

Grade 1 means that the water qualities of the beaches are good. The amount of E. coil is no more than 24 counts per 100 mL of beach water. Also no case of skin and gastrointestinal illnesses is detected for swimmers who have swum in the beaches.

Grade 2 means that the water qualities of the beaches are fair. The amount of E. coil is about 25 – 180 counts per 100 mL of beach water. Also the rate of skin and gastrointestinal illnesses is no more than 10 cases per 1000 swimmers.

Grade 3 means that the water qualities of the beaches are poor. The amount of E. coil is about 181 – 610 counts per 100 mL of beach water. Also the rate of skin and gastrointestinal illnesses is about 11 – 15 cases per 1000 swimmers.

Grade 4 means that the water quality is very poor. The amount of E. coil is greater than 610 counts per 100 mL of beach water. Also the rate of skin and gastrointestinal illnesses is greater than 15 cases per 1000 swimmers. As a result, swimmers are advised not to swim in the Grade 4 beaches.

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