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Stanley, Hong Kong

Stanley (赤柱 lit. red pillar) is a little village on the south of Hong Kong Island and part of the Southern District, Hong Kong. The original Chinese name of the village was believed to be based on a big tall cotton tree (Bombax malabaricum , Bombax ceiba 木棉樹) often covered with bright red blossoms at the time. It was given an English name based on Lord Stanley, 19th-century British Secretary of State for War and the Colonies.

Stanley is famous for its beach with BBQ areas, Stanley Market, the 2001 opened Stanley Plaza with the Murray House, which was transferred from Central, Hong Kong.

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Murray House

Once a government building in Central, the facade has been put in a warehouse in about 1985 and has been rebuilt in Stanley and opened in 2000. It includes a mini museum introducing the history of the House and several restaurants.

Stanley Plaza

Adjacent to Murray House, opened 2001, includes shopping arcade and community theatre.

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