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Mui Wo

Mui Wo (lit. "plum nest") is a village on the southern coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong.

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2 Sights
3 Transportation


The history of Mui Wo is linked to the end of the Southern Song Dynasty in the late 1270s. (See History of Hong Kong)

Mui Wo is located on Silvermine Bay, so named for the silver mines that were once worked along the Silver River which flows though the village. The nearby Sivermine Cave was mined for silver during the second half of the 19th century. It has since been sealed off for safety.


Nearby attractions include Silvermine Bay Beach, Silvermine Waterfall and a temple dedicated to Man Mo, originally built during the reign of Wanli, emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1573-1620).


Mui Wo is connected by ferry to Central.

A path leads north east to Discovery Bay.

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