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Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau (長洲) is a small island south of Hong Kong Island, it is inhabited and has been inhabited for longer than most other places in the territory of Hong Kong. Administratively, it is part of the Islands District.

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1 Geography
2 Economy
3 Sights
4 Transportation


Geographically the island is formed from two mostly granite lumps joined by what was presumably once a sandbar. The island is therefore "long"; hence the name which translated from Cantonese as Long Island. So, it is redudant to say "Cheung Chau Island".


The central part of the island is well developed with shops and houses. Residential areas also exist on the hills of the north and south.

Traditionally the island was a fishing village and there is still a fishing fleet working from the harbour. However in recent years the island has become a residential suburb of Hong Kong Island.



First Ferry operates ferries between Central pier and Cheung Chau. They run approximately every 30 depending upon time of day. Schedules on Sundays and public holidays differ from weekdays. The trip of about 16 miles takes 55 minutes or 35 minutes for ordinary ferries and high speed ferries respectively.

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