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Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Island is the island where the original settlement of the Hong Kong territory, Victoria, was located. It is the historical, political and economic center of Hong Kong.

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2 History
3 Geography
4 Demographics
5 Transportation


Districts of Hong Kong located on the island:

Note: Hong Kong Island is not part of the Islands District.


Hong Kong Island was first occupied militarily by Captain Charles Eliot, British Royal Navy, on January 20, 1841.


Hong Kong Island is the second largest island of the territory, the largest being Lantau Island. Its area makes up approximately 7% of the total territory. It is separated from the mainland (Kowloon Peninsula) by Victoria Harbour.


Its population of 1,367,900 (2000) makes up approximately 19% of that of the territory. Thus the population density is higher than for the whole of Hong Kong, ca. 18,000 per km² (versus 7,000). Together with Kowloon, it contains 47% of the total population.


The Island line of the MTR metro network runs exclusively on Hong Kong Island, from West to East, along the northern coastline of the island.

Hong Kong Tramways run exclusively on Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Island is connected to the Kowloon Peninsula on the mainland by 3 vehicle tunnels and 3 MTR rail tunnels. A fourth rail link is under planning. There is no bridge connection.

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