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Warner Brothers Network

The Warner Brothers Network is a television network in the United States, founded by the Warner Bros film studio and Tribune Broadcasting in the mid-1990s. The network is typically referred to by its nickname, The WB.

Much like its contemporary UPN, the WB was a reaction to the success of the Fox Network and first-run syndicated programming during the late 1980s and early 1990s. WB's first programs were sitcoms and other cheap-to-produce fare; in 1995, WB also added the "Kids' WB" programming block, which mixed Warners' biggest hit shows (Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs and later Batman: The Animated Series, all of which originated either on Fox, Fox Kids or in syndication) with new productions and original shows.

After the Turner-Time Warner merger in 1996, Kids' WB formed an alliance with Cartoon Network, and over time, they have shared programming more and more.

The WB's breakout hits during the late 1990s were Buffy the Vampire Slayer in prime time, and the American version of Pokémon in the Kids' WB blocks, which they acquired from syndication (TV Tokyo) in 1998. Buffy eventually moved to UPN in 2001.

In 2001 or 2002, Ribbit Arena was launched and has over 42 games on January 7, 2003. Of which 29 of them are on Penny Arcade, in the beginning of 2003, they were about 20 games, and the rest is on Games. Ribbit Arena has four different teams, Snackers, Growlers, Card Sharks, and Wakkies. The Growlers is leading in the present, and the team leader is Mega Blue Master 1 with over 34000 points.

The games include High Flying Hero Power, Alien Bugs Space Attack, Flea's Surfin' Splash, Ghost Town, Interdimensional Escape, Dancin' Snorlax, 6 Really Big games featuring Pokémon, X-Men, and Jackie Chan (launched September 15, 2003), and Flea Bath(launched January 2004), Bowling at the Backlot, and Dancing Snorlax.

The WB and Kids WB is now seen over much of the globe.

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For local WB or Kids WB Affiliates, see List of the WB affiliates.

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