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World Fantasy Award for Best Novel

This World Fantasy Award is given to the fantasy novel or novels voted best by a panel of judges, and presented each year at the World Fantasy Convention.

Award winners and finalists

Winning entries are listed first and appear in 'bold.


The 1975 WFC, held in Providence, Rhode Island, was chaired by Kirby McCauley. Judges were Ramsey Campbell, Edward L. Ferman, David G. Hartwell, Fritz Leiber and Gahan Wilson.


The 1976 WFC, held in New York, New York, was chaired by Thom Anderson. Judges were Charles Collins, Basil Copper, Gordon R. Dickson, Stuart David Schiff and Gahan Wilson.


The 1977 WFC, held in Los Angeles, California, was chaired by Dennis Rickard. Judges were Robert Bloch, David Drake, Harlan Ellison, Charles L. Grant and Robert Weinberg.


The 1978 WFC, held in Fort Worth, Texas, was chaired by Michael Templin. Judges were Charles N. Brown, Carl Jacobi, Stephen King, T.E.D. Klein and Karl Edward Wagner.


The 1979 WFC, held in Providence, Rhode Island, was chaired by Bob Booth. Judges were Poul Anderson, Terry Carr, Dennis Etchison, Elizabeth A. Lynn and Roy A. Squires.


The 1980 WFC, held in Baltimore, Maryland, was chaired by Chuck Miller and Tim Underwood. Judges were Stephen R. Donaldson, Frank Belknap Long, Andrew J. Offutt, Ted White and Susan Wood.


The 1981 WFC, held in Berkeley, California, was chaired by Jack Rems and Jeff Frane. Judges were Paul C. Allen, C. J. Cherryh, Gardner Dozois, Donald M. Grant and Arthur W. Saha.


The 1982 WFC, held in New Haven, Connecticut, was chaired by Norman Hood and Harold Kinney. Judges were Pat Cadigan, Virginia Kidd, Theodore Sturgeon, Douglas E. Winter and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.


The 1983 WFC, held in Chicago, Illinois, was chaired by Robert Weinberg. Judges were Bob Booth, John Coyne, Sharon Jarvis, Alan Ryan and Elizabeth Wollheim.


The 1984 WFC, held in Ottawa, Ontario, was chaired by Rodger Turner and John Bell. Judges were Ellen Asher, Ginjer Buchanan, Les Daniels, Mimi Panitch and George H. Scithers.


The 1985 WFC, held in Tucson, Arizona, was chaired by Randal Rau. Judges were Suzy McKee Charnas, Jo Fletcher, George R.R. Martin, Baird Searles and Terri Windling.


The 1986 WFC, held in Providence, Rhode Island, was chaired by Robert Plante. Judges were Robert A. Collins, Ellen Datlow, Dean R. Koontz, Patricia A. McKillip and Charles de Lint.


The 1987 WFC, held in Nashville, Tennessee, was chaired by Maurine Dorris. Judges were John M. Ford, Paul Hazel, Tappan King, Michael McDowell and Melissa Ann Singer.


The 1988 WFC, held in London, United Kingdom, was chaired by Jo Fletcher and Stephen Jones. Judges were Mike Ashley, Scott Baker, Robert S. Hadji, Maxim Jakubowski and Donald A. Wollheim.


The 1989 WFC, held in Seattle, Washington, was chaired by Robert Doyle. Judges were Susan Allison, Ed Bryant, Lisa Goldstein, Peter Dennis Pautz and Jon White.


The 1990 WFC, held in Schaumburg, Illinois, was chaired by Robert Weinberg. Judges were Mike Dirda, Pat LoBrutto, Beth Meacham, Peter Straub and Rodger Turner.


The 1991 WFC, held in Tucson, Arizona, was chaired by Randal Rau and Bruce Farr. Judges were Emma Bull, Orson Scott Card, Richard Laymon, Faren Miller and Darrell Schweitzer.


The 1992 WFC, held in Pine Mountain, Georgia, was chaired by Richard Gilliam and Ed Kramer. Judges were Jill Bauman, Arthur Byron Cover, John Jarrold, Robert Sampson and Gene Wolfe.


The 1993 WFC, held in Bloomington, Minnesota, was chaired by Greg Ketter. Judges were Roland J. Green, Barbara Hambly, Kathryn Ptacek, Steve Rasnic Tem and Brian Thomsen.


WFC, held in New Orleans, LA, was chaired by Tom Hanlon. Judges were Stefan Dziemianowicz, James R. Frenkel, Mary Gentle, Lisa Tuttle and Chet Williamson.


WFC, held in Baltimore, MD, was chaired by Michael J. Walsh. Judges were Terry Bisson, Jean-Daniel Breque, Jane Johnson, Kathe Koja and Brian Stableford.


WFC, held in Schaumburg, IL, was chaired by Nancy Ford, Phyllis Weinberg and Tina Jens. Judges were Bryan Cholfin, Kathryn Cramer, Moshe Feder, Roz Kaveney and Christopher Shelling.


WFC, held in London, UK, was chaired by Jo Fletcher. Judges were Paul Barnett, Nancy A. Collins, Rachel Holmen, Joe R. Lansdale and Diana L. Paxson.


WFC, held in Monterey, CA was co-chaired by Linda McAllister and Bryan Barrett. Judges were Peter Crowther, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Peter Schneider, Dave Truesdale and Janeen Webb.


The 25th World Fantasy Convention, held in Providence, RI, was co-chaired by Chip Hitchcock and Davey Snyder. Judges were Gregory Frost, Don Hutchison, MichaelKandel, Rebecca Ore, and Al Sarrantonio.


The WFC 2000 held in Corpus Christi, TX, was chaired by Fred Duarte. Judges were Suzi Baker, W. Paul Ganley, Tim Holman, Marvin Kaye, and Melissa Scott.


The WFC 2001 held in Montreal, Canada, was chaired by Bruce Farr. Judges were Steven Erikson, Paula Guran, Diana Wynne Jones, Graham Joyce, and Jonathan Strahan.


The WFC 2002 held in Minneapolis, MN, was chaired by Greg Ketter. Judges were Peter Adkins, Meg Davis, Jason Van Hollander, Michele Sagara West, and F. Paul Wilson, with awards administrator Peter Dennis Pautz.


The WFC 2003 held in Washington, DC, was chaired by Michael J. Walsh. Judges were Justin Ackroyd, Les Edwards, Laura Anne Gilman, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and Jane Yolen, with awards administrator Peter Dennis Pautz.