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C. J. Cherryh

C. J. Cherryh is the slightly modified working name of author Caroline Janice Cherry (born September 1, 1942), the sister of artist David A.Cherry. She has written more than 50 science fiction and fantasy books since the mid-1970s, including the Hugo Award winning "Cyteen". She lives in the state of Washington, USA.

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Writing Style

Cherry often uses a style she calls "very tight limited third person". In this writing style, not only is the story told through the point of view of the current viewpoint character, but the only things that get narrated are what the viewpoint character notices or thinks about. So, for instance, if a starship captain arrives at a space station, the narration won't mention what the space station looks like or how it operates, even though these things might be of interest to the reader, because these are details that the captain is already well familiar with, so he doesn't notice them or think about them. This writing style is sometimes like directly reading the mind of the viewpoint character, in which cases it strongly resembles stream of consciousness.


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The Alliance-Union Universe

The Company Wars

The Era of Rapprochement

The Chanur Novels

The Mri Wars

Merovingen Nights (Mri Wars Period)

The Age of Exploration

The Hanan Rebellion

The Morgaine Cycle

The Foreigner Universe

Miscellaneous science-fiction

Fantasy Works

The Fortress Series


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