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Woolwich is a town in south-east London, England in the London Borough of Greenwich, on the south side of the River Thames.

It is notable as a river crossing point, having the Woolwich Ferry (and the lesser-known Woolwich foot tunnel), and as the one-time home of the Woolwich Building Society (now relocated in Bexleyheath and owned by Barclays Bank).

Its history is strongly associated with Britain's military past. It was home to the Woolwich Dockyard (founded in 1512), the Woolwich Arsenal (dating back to 1671) and the Royal Military Academy (1741); it still retains an army base and military museum.

Football club Arsenal F.C was founded in Woolwich in 1886 by workers at the Arsenal - the club was initially known as Dial Square then became Woolwich Arsenal, dropping the Woolwich prefix sometime after 1891. It moved to Highbury in north London in 1913.

Woolwich Polytechnic, founded in 1892, after merging with other colleges, became Thames Polytechnic in 1970. In 1992, as the University of Greenwich, it was granted university status.

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Nearest tube stations: Nearest railway stations: The free Woolwich Ferry service operates across the River Thames to North Woolwich in the London Borough of Newham carrying trucks, cars, cyclists and pedestrians during the hours of daylight. Woolwich foot tunnel is also available for use by pedestrians at any time.

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