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Bexleyheath is a place in the London Borough of Bexley. The town is in the traditional County of Kent. At the time of the administrative boundary changes of 1974 it became administered as part of the administrative county of Greater London. The administrative area also absorbed the earlier hamlets of Bridgen, Crook Log and Upton.

It offers a bingo hall, cinema, hotel, magistrates court, reference library, six-a-side football centre and ten-pin bowling alley amongst the more usual retail outlets. Many of those are listed on the website

In 1859 Philip Webb designed a house ("The Red House") for the artist, reforming designer and socialist William Morris on the western edge of the heath, before it became largely developed as a London suburb. It is an early essay in a romantically massed, non-historical brick-and-tiling domestic vernacular style. It was recently bought by the National Trust, so opportunities for public visits are likely to increase.

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