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Wario is Mario's evil counterpart in the Nintendo Mario games.

He first appeared in Super Mario Land 2 as the antagonist who stole Mario's castle. Then Wario started appearing in his own series of games which include:

Wario also appears as a secondary character in Mario games such as: The name "Wario" can be taken to be a blending of Mario's own name with the Japanese adjective warui meaning "bad"; hence, a "bad Mario". In America, the name is often seen as being a play on the word "war" and the fact that the letter "W" resembles an upside down "M."

The antagonist in Wrecking Crew (which was released before Super Mario Land 2),"Mr. Spike" is belived to have been Wario, so Wario's last name is probably Spike.

Wario is very greedy and is well known for it.