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Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a series of driving Nintendo video games emphasising play losely along the lines of the Super Mario Brothers video game.

Mario Kart is different than many of the other driving games of its time period in that it does not attempt to accurately simulate real world cars, real world driving conditions, and real world physics.

This makes Mario Kart easier to learn, especially for young children.

People use the name "Mario Kart" when referring to either of three popular video games released by Nintendo:

The basic idea of all four games is that the characters from the Super Mario Brothers series of video games get together and race go-karts around a variety of tracks. Powerups that temporarily equip the karts with everything from a "turbo boost mushroom" to Koopa shells thrown as projectiles are located around the tracks, and can be used to speed oneself up or hamper an opponent.

The games are particularly popular as multiplayer games - two, four, and even eight-way challenges are possible.