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Game Boy

The Game Boy (Japanese:ゲームボーイ) is a series of handheld battery powered portable video game consoles sold by Nintendo. It is the best selling game system to date.

The hardware

Most game consoles become obsolete as newer systems become available. The Game Boy is unique in its stamina. In 2003 it has been around for 14 years and in that time it has seen off many (often technically superior) rivals; most notably the SEGA Game Gear and the Atari Lynx. The current incarnation, the Game Boy Advance, will still play cartridges created for the Game Boy in 1989.

Thousands of games are available for the Game Boy, which can be attributed in part to its sales in the amounts of millions, a well-documented design, and a typically short development cycle.

Game Boy CameraGame Boy Printer

The Game Boy Camera & Printer are accessories for the Game Boy handheld gaming console, released in 1998. They marked the beginning of a thus far mostly unsuccessful attempt by Nintendo to expand the gameboy from merely a gaming device into a rudimentary PDA.

The e-Reader accessory was launched in late 2002 and works only with GBA compatible models. This device is similair to a bar code reader. Simple games, often old NES titles, are printed on trading cards. The cards are scanned by the device to load the game into the GBA.

The Virtual Boy, a companion console, was released in 1994 but was a dismal failure.