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Wloclawek (Polish Włocławek) is a town in central Poland on the Vistula river. Population 123,000. Situated in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodship (since 1999), previously capital of Wloclawek Voivodship (1975-1998).


The diocese Vladislaviensis , Polish: Wloclawek in Cujavia, near Plock, was first mentioned in a papal bull of 1148 by Eugene III. The first bishop of Wloclawek was Warner, whose name appears in the 1148 bull , then Onoldius from Italy.

At some time the diocese was recorded as Vladislaviensis et Pomeraniae.

The name Vladislaviensis and the timeframe point to Wladislaw II the Exile or his grandfather Wladislaw I Herman as well as Vladislav I, King of Bohemia as possible namegivers.

Various unsubstantiated claims as to various different years of establishment have been made by several Polish writers, starting in the 16th century.

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